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Health and Wellness Programs for Seniors in Allen, TX

The Larkspur Wellness Philosophy

Benefits of Wellness Programs in a Retirement Community

In searching for the right senior community for yourself or a loved one, you’re likely to come across health and wellness programs in various forms. If you’re like many others, you’ve chosen to look for a retirement community to focus on your health and wellness. The senior community industry has realized that their residents’ emotional and cognitive health is closely tied to their physical health, leading to an emergence of retirement community wellness programs.

Living healthily has many long-term benefits, and it only becomes more critical as we age. Maintaining healthy habits such as eating well and exercising regularly will help your body, mind, and spirit remain strong. Participating in wellness programs for active older adults can yield the following benefits:

  • Prevents social isolation
  • Encourages independence
  • Increases cognitive function
  • Improves overall quality of life
  • Boosts emotional health

Health and Wellness Programs at Larkspur at Twin Creeks

At Larkspur at Twin Creeks, we believe that true well-being goes far beyond physical health. Our holistic approach to wellness encompasses six dimensions of wellness: social, physical, spiritual, intellectual, environmental, and emotional. Our Life Enrichment program is diversified with on-site activities and group excursions that create opportunities for each resident to live a rich, purposeful, and productive life. Our serene location offers the chance for residents to walk in the community-adjacent park that features a lake and paved paths. We support the emotional health of all our residents at Larkspur at Twin Creeks through access to our art studio, volunteering opportunities, and a woodshop for creative expression. Conducting wellness programs for active older adults is vital to maintaining their peak well-being, and we strive to do so in a fun, engaging way.

Planned Social Activities

Various retirement community and wellness programs are planned at Larkspur at Twin Creeks for residents to support connection, fellowship, and engagement. With a full calendar of group outings and planned social activities, you’re sure to find a new hobby or interest! Whether you’re mingling and connecting with other residents at one of our happy hours or going on a group excursion to a museum or casino, participating in a social activity has been proven to improve how well a person feels.

Fitness Classes

At Larkspur at Twin Creeks, fitness programming is offered daily to our residents. We offer a selection of stress-relieving exercise classes, including tai chi, water aerobics, and yoga. While physical activities are proven to reduce muscle loss, depression, and stress while fighting loneliness in older adults, we realize that physical health starts with what you put into your body. In light of this, we offer cooking classes in the Chef Demonstration Kitchen to learn more about healthy food choices and recipes presented by local chefs.

Spiritual and Intellectual Activities

When it comes to your health, physical fitness and social engagement are not enough; to receive the lasting benefits of wellness, you need to incorporate your spiritual practice and stimulate your mind. When you find a connection that is greater than yourself and adhere to a code of values that guide your faith, you are practicing what the National Wellness Institute refers to as spiritual wellness. Larkspur at Twin Creeks will help you nurture your spiritual development through group fellowship, Bible studies, and support groups. We offer religious services in the denomination of your choice so that you can remain as close to your faith as possible. To stimulate your mind, we offer seminars and thought-provoking lectures presented by university professors and healthcare experts. We’ve also created a way for our residents to form meaningful relationships with students through educational events.

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  • Mingle and connect with others at our socials, happy hours and
    game nights.
  • Join other residents in new adventures at museums, lectures, casinos, restaurants, theaters and more.


  • Give your day a healthy start with your choice of stress-relieving exercise classes, tai chi, water aerobics, or yoga.
  • Join us in the Chef Demonstration Kitchen for a cooking class featuring healthy food choices and recipes presented by local chefs


  • Nurture your spiritual development through group fellowship, Bible studies and support groups.
  • Attend religious services in the denomination of your choice.


  • Stimulate your mind and form meaningful relationships though a program that connects residents and students through educational events.
  • Participate in seminars and attend thought-provoking lectures presented by university professors and health care experts.


  • Experience the serenity of nature in one of Allen’s many parks.
  • Join a local nature club.
  • Walk in the community adjacent park with lake and paved paths


  • Bring out your inner van Gogh in the art studio, where you can express yourself in any medium you desire.
  • Give back by volunteering on campus and in the greater community.
  • Express your creativity in the woodshop.

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