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Larkspur at Twin Creek’s Drever Family

From Our Family to Yours

Story of Larkspur At Twin Creeks in Allen, TX

What Makes Larkspur Different
Larkspur is the brainchild of the Drever Family, a tribe of seven children, all of whom are passionate advocates for healthy living and aging. We are a hands-on, family-owned, and managed community. At Larkspur, each resident’s voice and opinion matters. We strive not just to provide high-quality accommodation, but to foster a true community with vibrant programming and meaningful relationships.

Who is the Drever Family
Maxwell Drever has had a 40+ year career in multifamily real estate investment. He is now an exceptionally active senior. In his 70’s, Maxwell still swims year-round in the San Francisco Bay with no wetsuit, paddleboards, hikes, bikes, and lifts weights. A former cardiac nurse, Maxwell’s wife, Jan, has dedicated her retirement to adventure. Jan has crossed the United States multiple times by bicycle, ridden the length of India, and completed several long-distance rides across Europe—all after the age of 60. In addition, she has hiked the Camino de Santiago numerous times—a total of over 5000 miles on foot.

The seven Drever children are all variously involved in wellness and healthy aging. Among them, there is a chef at a senior community, a yoga teacher and author, and an artist with a background in therapeutic art for seniors.

The Story of Larkspur
Noah Drever, Maxwell’s third son, began his career in multifamily and senior housing developments, following in the family footsteps. He became passionate about active adult housing when he began to see the dearth of quality housing options available to the demographic of 55+ adults who are healthy, vibrant, and ready to begin a new chapter in their lives. Traditional senior communities are either prohibitively expensive or charge for care services that independent residents don’t need. Why not design and build a community specifically for retirement-age residents looking for fun, community, and a new lease on life, Noah thought—a place that could provide concierge and resort-style services within comfortable reach? Larkspur is meant to be more than just a place to live. It’s a space where residents can pursue their passions and fully explore a new chapter in their lives.

Noah believes in wellness and staying active. He is a longtime surfer, a bay swimmer, and is an environmentalist. A licensed falconer and owner of a Siberian Goshawk, Noah is also a gardener and a beekeeper. His love of the environment makes him especially aware of the importance of making Larkspur a green and energy-efficient environment.

Mitchell, the family’s eldest son, retired from a successful career as an elder-care attorney for 20+ years which emphasized prevention planning and a holistic approach to legal interventions. In addition, he has been a 20+ year supporter of the Alzheimer’s Association in a variety of capacities and more recently, he has served on the Advisory Committee to the national board. Mitchell, the key player in developing Larkspur at Twin Creek’s daily lifestyle programming, has drawn upon his prevention and holistic eldercare planning experience to create the Larkspur Lifestyle. His breadth of knowledge and understanding of the importance of healthy living has infused our programming with warmth and a positive community spirit that has become the hallmark of Larkspur.

The Drever family believes that life should be lived with vibrancy and joy, and they understand that comfortable housing is the base for that. They hope that the community of Larkspur at Twin Creeks is more than just a place to live. They hope it’s a place you love to call home.

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